Buyer's Guide

Buying an artwork  through the Red Art Galleries gives you following benefits:

- A true artwork of impeccable reputation and provenance 
- Purchase without intermediate party and with no extra costs 
- Prompt and secure delivery of the artwork from London 
- Favorable insurance terms for transportation (issued upon request of the new owner) 
- Order option of returning the artwork within 7 days 
- Establishing a long-term relationships with the art collectors from Eastern Europe 
- Artwork participation in the exhibitions organized by Red Art Галлериес

All the works are accompanied by Red Art Galleries certificate, confirming its authenticity with the leading field experts’ signature.

Works of art that are presented on this website are stored in London. We undertake the selection of the best delivery conditions anywhere in the world, based on the customs and tax rules of the country. The buyer makes additional payment for the shipping.

If the buyer changes his mind about the purchasing of the artwork, he has the option to return it without additional penalties within a 7 day period. The buyer should notify of his decision the representative of the Red Art Galleries in writing. In this case, the buyer is responsible for the transportation costs.

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Consigner's Guide

You can join the community of Red Art Galleries by handing us a single artwork or the art collection for public sale.

Your proposal will be promptly and thoroughly examined and if the work will comply with the Red Art Galleries standards, the Consignment Contract will be concluded with you.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities of selling through Red Art Galleries, in order to receive an application form, a list of required accompanying documents and Consignment Contract sample, please use the feedback form.

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