Petr Stolyarenko

Fishing Camp

Year 1964
Medium Tempera on cardboard
Genre Seascape
Size 61 x 212 cm

About the artist:

Ukrainian artist. Born in village Kashtany, Crimea (1925) Studied at Aivazovsky and Barsamov Fine Art Studios in Feodosia. Graduated from Grekov Art School in Odessa (1951). Honored artist of Ukraine (1972), holder of the title People’s Artist of Ukrainian SSR (from 1985). Worked in marine and thematic paintings genre. Participated in exhibitions (from 1948). Had exhibitions in USSR, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Finland, Albania, France, USA, Japan, Spain, Canada and Italy. His artworks can be seen in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia and western countries.

Key figures:

Public sales:85
Sold works:30 (35%)
Total public capitalization:$377 ths.
Average estimate:$10-13 ths.
Average price of sold works:$12,6 ths.
Number of seascape at auctions:19
The number of sold seascapes:4 (21%)
Average price of sold seascapes:$11,6 ths.
The number of works of more than 200 cm. auctions:4
Number of entries over 200 cm:3
Average price of sold works of more than 200 cm:$ 32,5 ths.
Number of entries Tempera on cardboard:4
Number of works sold Tempera on cardboard:0

Peer Groups

By subject:

Fishing Boat

Oil on cardboard
28,5 x 40 cm.
Estimate: $6 000 – 9 000
Result: $8 000

At the Ship-Repair Yard

Oil on canvas
96,5 x 68 cm.
Estimate: $12 000 – 15 000
Result: not sold

In the Dock

Tempera on cardboard
70 x 100,5 cm.
Estimate: $12 000 - 15 000
Result: not sold

By size:


Oil on canvas
100 x 200 cm.
Estimate: $25 000 – 30 000
Result: not sold


Oil on canvas
100 x 200 cm.
Estimate: $25 000 – 30 000
Result: not sold


Oil on canvas
95,5 x 200 cm.
Estimate: $25 000 – 35 000
Result: $28 000

Top Artwork

At the Summer Cottage in Foros

MediumOil on canvas
Size90 x 100 cm
Estimate$30 000 – 50 000
Result$80 000


The artworks of Peter Stolyarenko have always been in demand in the inside market and abroad. Among the masters of Socialist Realism he has a high rate of participation in the auction. It should be noted that the common world formula  (the turnover of artist’s works equals to 45% of public sales and 55% of private sales) - cannot be applied to the post-Soviet artists, where the share of auctions was not more than 5%. In addition, by insider’s information, after failing at auctions, in 70% of cases Peter Stolyarenko’s works would go to private individuals at a higher cost than the lower estimate bound.

It was very typical for Petr Stolyarenko to use different bases and techniques. That is why the painting Fishing Camp, created with tempera on carton, is not considered to be a unique case.  To estimate the following artwork, the independent evaluation considered the following factors; the formed price range for the artworks made by the similar technique, the progression cost depending on the artwork’s size and painting’s year of creation (1950s-1960s were the most valuable years for the artists art creation). The independent evaluation gives the estimate of $ 35 000 - 40 000, as the estimate for public trading in the following 3 years.

In addition, the positive factor is the provenance of the work: The Rayner Family / Red Art Galleries, formalized export to the UK and has the excellent state of preservation according to the Condition Report 2014 and Red Art Galleries Certificate. Previously, in 90% of cases, the provenance has not been involved at the auction sales of Peter Stolyarenko’s works.

Among the negative factors we note the absence of actual data on repeat sales (1 repeat sale) and the absence of significant exhibitions outside of the post-Soviet countries since 1990, which is not surprising for the Socialist Realism market.


Estimate cost: £30 000
Prognosed capitalization per year: 12-15%
Volatility: 25%